Alishia Blackwood

She is a rebeilous and outspoken young woman who does not like to be told what to do.


Alishia is the only daughter of Lord Tytos Blackwood and as such must act in accordance of her station. While she has the wit and words to hold her own in court, along with the beauty and grace of a true lady, Alishia is more at home riding through the country side or practicing with her bow in the court yard. Alishia is close to her elder brother Lucas and she has been known, with her friend Bryon Toven’s help, to sneak out and go on hunts with him over the stern objections of her mother. Alishia is well aware of her future responsibilities and realizes that if, or rather when, she is to marry it will be for political gain rather than love. Being a rather ambitious young lady Alishia wants to ensure that when she is married it is to a Lord or Heir of a powerful and prestigious house. If she cannot marry for Love then she will marry for status and will be the first lady of a house. To this effect Alishia has already talked her father out of an early betrothal to Ser Perwyn Frey, the fifteenth son of Lord Walder Frey. She also has to fend off the continuous advances of Silas Harlaw who she has no interest in. For a time Silas was a close friend of hers but now Bryon and Lady Aide Vypren are her closest friends. Alishia has many ladies in waiting at her service but the one she trusts the most is Lady Aide Vypren niece to Lord Vypren of House Vypren a minor house sworn to House Blackwood. Lady Aide has become great friends with Alishia and is a loyal and devoted servant. When at Rivertree Hall Alishia and Aide are hardly seen apart.

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Alishia Blackwood

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