Hoster Tully

The Ailing lord of Riverrun, he is haunted by the decisions of his past, the ghosts of lost loved ones, and his concerns for the future of his house.


Hoster Tully is a shrunken man. His fat and muscle have fled, leaving behind a ruin of flesh and bone. His hair has turned white, framing a sagging face. When he speaks, it’s thin and wispy, and he complains of the crabs ripping through his guts. He is a man stricken by regrets and grief and he welcomes the mercy of death.


Hoster Tully had always been a big man; tall and broad in his youth, portly as he grew older. Now he seemed shrunken, the muscle and meat melted off his bones.

Hoster Tully is a good man and a dutiful lord, but he’s also a man who does what he must for the survival of his house, even if his choices are unpopular. He’s damaged his relationship with his brother, forcing Brynden Tully to leave Riverrun rather than marry against his will. As well, Lysa has never forgiven him for the loss of her child or for forcing her to marry a man so much her senior.

When he was stronger, Hoster could contain the grief of his losses behind the façade of a leader. But as his health fails, he is tortured by regrets and haunted by the hard decisions of his past. He has lucid moments, but mostly he exists in a semi-state of sleep, clouded by the milk of the poppy.

Daughter – Catelyn Tully
Daughter – Lysa Tully
Ser Edmure Tully

Hoster Tully

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