Lady Megan Blackwood

Wife to Lordy Tytos and Lady of House Blackwood.


Almond-shaped green eyes that are like two chunks of jade. Her thick, wavy, white hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a sea urchin. She has a busty build. Her skin is brown. She has high cheekbones and small ears.


The daughter of Lord Shawney Megan was happy to marry Lord Tytos. Rivertree hall seemed a big and wonderfully romantic place after spending much of her life in the dreary castle Littonsfens. That however was many years ago, the wonder of the place has worn off. She is still quite happy with her life but she has grown somewhat distant from her husband. She still cares for him but they never grew to love each other. Lady Megan now spends most of her time looking after the house and organizing the serving staff.

She can often come off as meek but the children she has raised know better. Lady Megan can be fierce and decisive when the moment calls for it. Her retribution harsh and swift toward those who threaten her family. It’s a side of her that none wish to see.

Lady Megan Blackwood

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