Lucas Blackwood

The soft spoken heir of House Blackwood.


Lucas Blackwood is the first born son of and Heir to the Blackwood house. Lucas is truly his fathers son as he, like is father, is a hard and willful man who always has the best interest of his family at heart. However his heart is rarely what he uses to make his decisions. Lucas is at the end of his youth and as such he has lost much of the leisure time he once had. Maester Darius, Septa Alanna and Nicholas Rivers are all trying to get him to study more with them so they can help him become a strong ruler one day. His father has also began to bring him into council meetings and given him the title of “Arbiter of Justice” for the Blackwood lands as Lord Tytos believes it is good practice for Lucas to settle the disputes of the smallfolk. Lucas works hard to fulfill all of his obligations as Heir but he often is swept away by the calls of leisure activities and instead gallivants around with his friends Ser Luther and Silas Harlaw. Lucas knows that soon he must take a wife and give his full attention to House Blackwood but for now he is content to live out the last of his youthful days. Lucas is a handsome young man who is as skilled with a blade as he is with words. He has been studying stewardship and politics under Maester Darius and Sister Alanna is helping him understand how to deal with people, he is also interested in warfare and has studied the matter for several years. He has a kind heart and as such is loved and adored by both the members of his house and the smallfolk living in the Blackwood lands. Lucas also has great relations with the houses sworn to House Blackwood including Daemon Vypren the Heir of House Vypren. Lucas loyalty to his friends an allies is one of his greatest strengths as those who earn his trust find that Lucas will fight beside them through thick and thin. By the same turn those who find themselves opposing Lucas Blackwood quickly regret it as he will quickly bring his full and tremendous force quickly down upon them leaving them battered and beaten.

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Lucas Blackwood

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