Ser Luther Blackwood

A Knight of House Blackwood


Luthers father was Ser Trenton Blackwood, Lord Tytos Blakwoods younger brother. Ser Trenton was a loyal and proud knight of the realm who fought and died for Robert Baratheon at the battle of the Trident. Ser Luther loved his father and took his passing quite hard. He strives to be the man and knight his father wanted him to be. Luther serves his Uncle Lord Tytos as a loyal knight of House Blackwood and has already brought some glory to the house with his skill as a knight. During the Grayjoy Rebellion Ser Luther rode with King Robert and stormed the Pyke with the Kings host. In more recent times Ser Luther has been praised for his expertise with a lance in several local tournaments where he has been crowned tournament champion several times. In truth only Ser Naton Bracken of house Bracken has ever clearly defeated Ser Luther. Ser Luther is eagerly awaiting the chance to test his skills against the best the realms have to offer. Currently Ser Luther resides in Rivertree Hall with his mother, Lady Clevette Erenford, and the rest of the Blackwoods. He is a close friend of Lucas Blackwood and during their youth the two were inseparable. In more recent times the two have grown apart some but Lucas still looks to Ser Luther for advice in all things. His squire is Bryon Toves a youthful boy who Luther is rather fond of. While at times Ser Luther works the boy hard he only does so to help Bryon achieve is goals of one day becoming a great knight.

Ser Luther also harbors a secret affection for Lady Alishia though his honor and loyalty prevents him from ever speaking of it.

Ser Luther Blackwood

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