House Frey

Ranking: Major House
Castle: The Twins
Lord: Lord Walder Frey
The twins

House Frey has ruled the Crossing for nearly six hundred years. A relatively recent house, they came to power when they gained the lands around the Green Fork near the Neck. To secure their power they raised a great castle in the center of the river and placed bridges at either side. These wooden spans were eventually replaced with stone, and stolid twin keeps were raised to guard them. Although the Freys came from modest beginnings, their tenacity and ambition, as well as the steady flow of gold levied from those wishing to cross, have el- evated them to the position of one of the most powerful houses under the Tully banner.

The Freys have always put their own concerns above those of their lords. Al- though sworn to Riverrun they have been anything but diligent about per- forming their duty. The greatest example of their reluctance came at the Battle of the Trident. The Frey armies didn’t arrive until after Robert slew Rhaegar, the battle already won.

House Frey has ever worked to expand their holdings. Their lands include a number of villages including Hag’s Mire and Sevenstreams. While content to push south, they have always craved the Neck and have mount- ed several invasions into the lands of the crannogmen in the hopes of claiming the territory for themselves.

In addition to numerous children, House Frey has the service of a number of servants including a maester named Brenett. He is a great, filthy, fat man, balding and double chinned, and oft covered in raven droppings.

Notable Characters
Walder Frey – Lord
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House Frey

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