House Tully

Ranking: Great House
Castle: Riverrun
Motto: Duty, Family Honor
Lord: Hoster Tully
House tully

While never kings of the riverlands, the Tullys are an old family, tracing their lineage back to the Age of Heroes. They were chief among those river lords who deserted Harren the Black and sided with Aegon the Conqueror. For their part, Aegon raised them up as lords paramount of the riverlands and required the other lords to swear fealty to House Tully. The Tullys have ruled these lands ever since.

Currently, the head of the house is Lord Hoster Tully, but he’s gripped by a vile sickness. It won’t be long before the mantle of lordship passes to his son Edmure.

Notable Characters at House Tully
Hoster Tully – Lord
Ser Edmure Tully – Heir
Ser Desmond Grell – Master at Arms
Ser Robin Ryger – Captain of the Guard
Utherydes Wayn – Steward
Maester Vyman

Banner Houses
House Grell
House Paege
House Ryger
House Wayn

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House Tully

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